Meet Randy Emily

Randy has been practicing hypnosis since 1976. He holds a Bachelors Degree from Indiana University Southeast and a Masters Degree from Webster University.

Randy has worked in the counseling areas of Education and Social Work for 25 years and is no stranger to working one-on-one with people. He has the ability to quickly read people and make them feel comfortable. His energy and enthusiasm for working with people makes him an ideal stage hypnotist.

Randy is from Corydon, Indiana, and is the youngest of 14 children, which explains his need for a great sense of humor.

Randy says that people need to realize that hypnosis is nothing magical, and the hypnotist has no special powers. He thinks having good, clean fun with it is his best way to explain it.

"We as adults have blinders up sometimes when looking at something like hypnosis," he says. "It is a very relaxing experience that everyone should try."

If only everyone could relax the way he allows his volunteers onstage. This refreshing feeling gives you the boost of several hours of sound sleep. That is why so many people enjoy being hypnotized over and over again. Yes, they do some silly, harmless things during Randy's shows but nothing embarrassing or degrading. That is why people love participating in his shows — they know they will be treated with respect.

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