About Hypnosis

The government defines hypnosis as "the bypass of the critical factor of the conscious mind and the establishment of acceptable selective thinking." In other words, it is an artificially induced altered state of consciousness, characterized by receptiveness to suggestion and direction.

It is often referred to as a trance, but it is, in fact, a heightened state of awareness. Under hypnosis, either induced by one's self or another person, a subject may also experience forgotten or suppressed memories or hallucinations.

There are, in fact, many myths and misconceptions about hypnosis. Among them:

MYTH FACT About Hypnosis
Hypnosis is a mysterious magic power. There is nothing supernatural or magical about hypnosis.
Only weak-willed and unintelligent people can be hypnotized. The better subjects are strong-willed and intelligent.
A subject can enter a hypnotic trance and not reawaken. Absolutely impossible!
Hypnotized people can be made to do anything, even against their will. Participants will only act in a way that agrees with their morals and values.
Hypnosis can cause you to reveal your deepest hidden secrets. Hypnosis is not a truth drug, and subjects always know what they are saying and will not do anything against their will.
Hypnosis is anti-Christian or the work of the devil. It is approved as a medical technique, and only peoples' fear enables them to believe it is more than that.
When in a trance, you are unaware of everything. Subjects are aware of everything, and their senses are heightened.
Hypnosis can cure anything. Hypnosis can cure nothing.
Hypnosis is dangerous and should be used only by specially trained physicians. Hypnosis is a communication tool, not medicine.

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